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Hello! This page contains everything you need to know about AIonary.


Gather your friends and try to guess what the computer is (trying to) draw! In this multiplayer party game, an AI will generate an image, and you have to be the first to guess what it is. Play online with strangers, in a private game with friends, or in a Discord server with a bot!

How it Works

All images seen are generated by Stable Diffusion v1.5. Images are generated with diffusion. They all start as just random noise, and then it is "diffused" over and over again until the image is completed. At each diffusion step, a preview picture is saved, which is what you see in-game. You can see how the computer goes from random noise, to general patterns and shapes, and then to a final picture with lots of detail.


AIonary was created by Brett Meadows. I'm a 16 year-old developer living in Annapolis, Maryland. As AI art became more and more popular, I began thinking of different ways of utilizing it in a game. I was inspired by the rise of online social games such as Gartic Phone,, and the Jackbox Party Pack.

The game was developed in just three days and released in late November 2022. More features were quickly added, including the chat, private games, limited time gamemodes, a Discord bot, and more.


All available assets are downloadable as .zip files & listed below.

Release Date

17 November 2022


Brett Meadows (I'm 16 and live in Annapolis, Maryland)



Playable for free online ( or in Discord

Contact (Press inquiries only please)